Profile Hacks to Land a Job Instantly

Mackenzie Roskruge

Business Development Associate

29 May 2024

We all want a competitive salary, lifestyle benefits, perfect working hours, and location when we’re out on the job hunt. However, so does the next person and the next and the next ….

Knowing that you’re one of many people on a mission to find the next perfect step can create a massive pile of admin between the time you spend looking through different jobs and filling in forms.

ZEIL wants to give you some of your time back by helping you optimise your ZEIL profile to find better career matches. This means that instead of searching for jobs if your profile is up to date, we’ll serve you better jobs faster by producing matches based on your preferences.

We recommend that you hop into your candidate profile and make sure the following is kept up to date ….

Location, Location, Location

Location is the number one factor we look at in new roles. When you hop into your ZEIL profile, there are two ways that you can optimise your location. Set your ideal job location to the targeted city and suburb you are looking for your new role in eg: if you live in Wellington but want to work in Auckland, you should set your ideal location as Auckland.

Your next step is to set your ideal job area. If you’re a commuter by nature you might choose to set your job area as the same region of your location. If not, you can choose the same city as your location.

Job Category

Doing a career toss-up? Select multiple job categories to reflect the most interesting career opportunities that match your ideal job title. For example: are you a tech whizz who wants to work in the fashion industry? Select fashion as your ideal job category.

Job Title

If you’re looking for a career switch, make sure your job title reflects the job you would like to enter into.For example, if you’re a hotelier and you want to work in sales, set your job title to sales to make sure we serve you sales roles.

Stay Current, Stay Competitive

Regularly update your ZEIL profile to reflect your evolving skill set and career goals! Keep it fresh for yourself and your future employer. ZEIL is here to make your job-seeking experience by allowing you to hone your niche faster, easier, and more effectively.