How AI Can Help You Land a Job

Mackenzie Roskruge

Business Development Associate

11 June 2024

At ZEIL we’re always thinking about the future. AI is already shaking things up with resume writing and applicant tracking, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few potential future uses for AI that prove why we think AI is your soon-to-be BFF in the job market.

Interview Training

Job Interviews? AI could analyse your past interview data, company culture, and speech patterns to craft your ideal interview persona. Picture this: practising with a virtual coach who gives real-time feedback on your body language and communication style minus the awkwardness of role-playing with a real person.

Salary Negotiation

Negotiating salary is tricking business. Your AI wingman could help you analyse salary trends, market data, and your specific skills to recommend a fair and competitive offer. Imagine walking into the negotiation room armed with data-driven insights!

AI mentor?

Finding a great mentor can be a game-changer but it's not always easy. AI can help to bridge the gap. For example, our friends at Grw AI help train sales professionals to work more efficiently by offering AI mentoring. These virtual gurus have an incredible capacity to level up your career by answering personalised advice, answering your burning questions, and helping you navigate career challenges.

Learning Concierge

AI could help us curate personalised learning paths based on your industry, desired career trajectory, and emerging skill gaps. Imagine having a constant learning companion suggesting relevant courses, articles, and even micro-credentials to keep you sharp and ready to take on any challenge.

We think the future of job hunting is all about leveraging AI to become a strategic and confident candidate. It won’t replace the human element of the search but will empower you to find the perfect fit. Stay tuned to see how ZEIL harnesses the power of AI to improve your job search.