Meet The Hiring Team: ezyVet

Anna Mowbray


16 October 2023

In your quest to secure the perfect job, understanding a company's hiring process can be the key to success. ezyVet, a dynamic and global leader in tech, is renowned not only for its innovative solutions in the veterinary industry but also for its commitment to fostering an inclusive and efficient hiring culture.

We reached out to Warren Hills, ezyVet's Global Talent Acquisition Manager, who disclosed some juicy and exclusive details never shared before 🫢 Let's get into it!

It’s the combination of many initiatives that makes great inclusive hiring a reality.

- Warren Hills

How big is the 'HR' team at ezyVet?

Our team is 7 in total. I head up the global TA function with three colleagues spread across our locations, Auckland, London and Dallas - Jai, Alice and Holly. In a nutshell we exist to attract and retain the best talent possible to improve the lives of pets, people and livestock through our technology 💪

We have 3 amazing HR specialists based in our Auckland HQ. Brabb is our Senior HR BP, Tom HR BP and Ellie our HR Specialist. Their remit is vast as you can expect, essentially anything and everything people related, ER, OD, Comp & Bens etc. Together we focus on the people systems and processes that make the employee experience here at ezyVet.

Name one thing you do to make sure ezyVet hires inclusively.

Hard to shine the spotlight on just one thing as it’s the combination of many initiatives that makes great inclusive hiring a reality. One example would be the employer brand campaigns we create, small pieces of dynamic content that put the spotlight on our diverse people and why they do what they do for our customers. Nothing like having the opportunity to hear from a range of people you could work with or for.

Cover letter or no cover letter?

Horses for courses but a great cover letter can open a lot of doors 🚪

Red flags on a CV?

Novels with no specific relevance to the job/company 🚩

Can you describe the interview process?

  • A brief intro video call to align on the basics with our TA team.
  • 1st formal interview with the core hiring team to drill into the detail of the opportunity and align on relevance and suitability.
  • 2nd interview/meeting with either peer level team members or a senior leadership group depending on the role. The intent is to provide transparency into our culture or purpose, our leadership and/or some peers you could work with. Less of an interview more of an opportunity for solidifying the reasons why a candidate might want to join us.
  • Our TA team checks in with candidates between each stage to cover off any concerns, revisit expectations and ensure everyone’s keen to move forward with agreed expectations.
  • Our hiring teams make their decisions to offer at this point and my team would facilitate that process.
  • Start to finish we can move through this standard process within 2 weeks with no obstacles. Our average time to hire sits at 32 days and takes into account some very strategic recruitment.

Who will candidates get to meet during the interview phase?

The talent team, potential peers, some of our leadership relevant to the opportunities department and often a few cute dogs along the way! 🐶

What are the top three things you look for in a first interview?

Passion, a sense of purpose and drive 🙌

What response times do you / does the EzyVet team work to?

Typical application response time is within 48 hours, though more often than not, the team's responding in real time.

We're feeling HOT 🌶️🔥

In summary, ezyVet's HR team is dedicated to creating an inclusive culture and a swift, candidate-friendly hiring process. Passion and purpose shine through in their selection criteria 👈 And if you're looking to join the team, we hope these spicy insights will boost your application and help you secure that job (and spend all day surrounded by cute doggies!).