Are Video Resumes Really Worth the Hassle?

Mackenzie Roskruge

Business Development Associate

15 May 2024

Do we even love CV’s anymore? Let’s face it, staring at a static CV isn’t setting the world on fire. As candidates, how do you stand out when you’re one of many exceptionally qualified applicants for a role.

So what if we flipped the script? Imagine ditching the doc and stepping into the spotlight with a video introduction. It’s your chance to showcase your personality, passion and skills in a way a traditional CV simply can’t.

But is it worth the extra effort?

ZEIL takes on the battle between CV’s and video introductions. When you apply for a job on ZEIL, you can choose to include an additional video introduction to support your application. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s worth giving video a go:

Optionality is key

The beauty of video introductions lies in giving yourself as a candidate, optionality. For all our orators out there we understand that not everyone thrives in a written format. A video introduction on ZEIL allows you to bring your experience to life, breathe personality into your skills and build impact for the all important first impression!

Extra Mile or Extra Edge

Sure, creating a video might require a bit more effort than updating your ZEIL profile but a video introduction demonstrates initiative, creativity and the confidence to put yourself out there. It shows you're not just another resume on the pile.

The Power is in Your Hands

The decision to use a video introduction is ultimately yours. It’s about finding the way to best showcase your talents, your core skills and your unique selling point as a candidate!

We encourage you to upload a video introduction and give it a go! You can create multiple video introductions for different applications to keep in store in your ZEIL profile to use on the go.