10 highest paying soft skills

Anna Mowbray


20 February 2024

2024 ZEIL data reveals what in-demand personality traits are worth in the New Zealand job market.

The start of the year can herald big changes for Kiwis as many find themselves pondering if their current career is really for them.

Gen Z and millennials in particular are trying to bridge the gap between ‘work’ and ‘play’, by tapping into a career that plays to their interests and helps their wallets.

A good place to start when looking for a rewarding career is to look at your personality strengths, often referred to as ‘soft skills’ in the marketplace.

Check out our exclusive guide to the highest paying soft skills in Aotearoa right now.

The top 10 most lucrative soft skills and their average salary are:

Ability to work in a team: $103,676
Being able to take charge: $100,960
Flexibility: $91,239
Problem Solving: $87,506
Listening: $83,328
Communication: $79,226
Interpersonal skills: $72,047
Managing your time: $69,063
Customer Service: $61,271
Strong Work Ethic: $56,230

This data shows what employers are looking for, and how much it can be worth. Are there any surprises for you?